How to develop a theme app for Android launchers

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Here I am going to guide you through all the steps to build your favourite theme.

① . What is the Launcher and the Theme?

② . Steps to build your favorite theme

What is the Launcher and the Theme?

Android Launcher aka Home Replacement,presents the main view of your phone,and is responsible for launching almpost all apps and hosting widgets.

Just give it an analogy:A Launcher is like your house,you can place your furnishing(apps) as you like,you can open the refrigerator(launching the apps) when you need to find something to eat.


Here are some of the listed launchers available in market:

The theme is the decoration of your house(launcher),so rightnow you must have many ideas to decorate your room,diy your own style:

GitHub GitHub

Mou icon Mou icon

Got it?These are two different style of icons,just like the two types of house,that is the Theme.

I have designed some icons and released two theme apps in Market

Colorful Flat Theme

Colorful Circle Theme

For you guys,If you are a designer,I will guide you how to turn your designed icons into a app in store,if you are a developer,I will guide you how to design your own style icons,if you aren’t none of them,congratulation!You will learn a lot,and mayne earn a lot :)

Steps to build your favorite theme

Solo Theme Template In Github

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