A new idea about HITP

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The HypeImage Transfer Protocol(HITP) is an application protocol for inserting image in all kinds of Editor that support the HITP. It can be used in Web Browser, PC Application, Mobile Application, HITP is currently just an ideal model in my mind now and has not any implementation yet.

I will list several demos here:

####Demo #1: HITP in Facebook(Web Browser) Just as the below picture shows, when posting in Facebook’s input box, the update status is “The sunset in Sahara is one of the most beautiful scene I have ever seen!”, after that I also want to add some photos about the “sunset in Sahara”, if this input box support HITP, then if I just select the keyword “sunset in Sahara”, it will popup a float window that display some related photos.


####Demo #2:HITP in Evernote(Mac Application) Writing in Evernote that supports HITP protocol, this feature is very convinient for these users who would like to insert images when editting.


####Demo #3:HITP in Google Plus(Mobile Application)


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